Senior Healthcare Book



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An informative, easy-to-use Healthcare Handbook designed to assist senior citizens and their families in understanding the U.S. healthcare industry, and empower them to choose appropriate services for themselves. Information about available healthcare resources is provided to help guide them through the various  systems. Not only is this book intended to provide general healthcare information, but also to be used as a handy reference for those in the midst of dealing with personal healthcare issues. Reminders are found throughout the book to emphasize important points.

The book discusses:

  • Federal, state, and private healthcare systems.
  • Roles of healthcare professionals.
  • Information on staying healthy and safe.
  • Common medical conditions.
  • Healthcare facilities and providers.
  • Guidelines for selecting healthcare professionals and choosing facilities.
  • Legal aspects of healthcare.
  • End-of-life care.
  • Patient rights and responsibilities.